Friday, December 7, 2012

Best Children's Fiction of 2012

A few weeks ago, Publisher's Weekly posted their 2012 Best Books. I love annotated book lists, especially with images of the covers, so I copied the descriptions and pasted them into a Word document.  Alas, it was 40 pages long!  Since I'm a bit of a fanatic about saving paper, I resized each and every image and condensed the list.  It's now four pages long but preserves the book cover images, the excellent annotations, and the publisher information.  Then I went through each review to pull out the recommended ages for each book and added those.  It's a handy reference to take to the library with you.  (Use the download button to save it to your computer, then you can print it.)
I'm especially excited to read the sequel to The Giver trilogy!

You can see the actual slide show of the books and read the Publishers Weekly reviews of each title at

Publishers Weekly 2012 Best Children's Fiction Have you read any of these titles? Which ones are you most interested in checking out?

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